face mask

Maple Organics takes pride in helping families make healthier organic choices with their products and now is thrilled to be able to offer face mask options in order to keep those families healthy. Going out for something as simple as groceries has become a much different and sometimes stressful experience. In order to keep your germs from affecting others, a face mask is something to consider in the coming weeks. Maple Organics offers two layer masks made of stretch cotton jersey fabric, which feedback has shown to be a much more comfortable option when wearing a mask and provides a better fit to the face. We also offer 100% cotton options to suit everyone’s preference.

When wearing a mask be sure to put it on with freshly washed hands. Once your mask is in place, it is important to not touch it until it is time to remove it or when it becomes damp. Masks are like underwear, change them after each use! You can hand or machine wash your mask and air dry after each use. Please do not re-wear a mask for multiple trips. When you have finished with your mask, remove carefully starting by unhooking from one ear and not touching your face afterwards. Place the mask in a bag until it is time to wash.

Maple Organics is proud to offer a one for one donation program. With each adult mask that is purchased we will donate one childrens mask to a child in need. We are happy to be able to help everyone keep their germs to themselves when they have to be in a public setting during these trying times.

Keep an eye out for some upcoming bundles including a free mask with purchase!