income opportunity

The Gig Economy is growing because many of us choose to intermingle our passions with our careers. Turn your downtime into a career opportunity. Maple Organics is a high quality, no-compromise organic health and wellness company who knows that the traditional 9-5 job doesn’t work for many women. For this reason Maple Organics allows its consultants to work as much as they choose, when they choose to do it. As a company, Maple Organics values your free time and your choice to be an active woman. Whether you are looking to become an entrepreneur or simply want to supplement your current income, Maple Organics is looking to support you in your decision. We are a female-owned and operated company with an understanding that each woman’s career path is unique.  By becoming a consultant with Maple Organics, you have control over the direction of your work life. Host a party among friends, become the Maple Organics contact for your community or reach out to the broader world. You have control over who you work with and the schedule you keep. Plus, you will be supported by the nation’s first organic pharmaceuticals company and the knowledge that your career is helping to make this world a better place for all of us.