flexible career

Women are born with the innate drive to improve the world around them. As professionals, we strive for excellence in creating a future that conforms to our ideals and supports healthy choices for ourselves and those around us. When we become mothers, we rank our time with our children as one of our highest priorities.  We purchase products that adhere to our core values of sustainability and social responsibility. We seek out career opportunities that allow us to continue to grow in our professional life without compromising our relationship with our family.  For all of these reasons and more, Maple Organics was created as a means of supporting women in our roles as both mothers and entrepreneurs alike without sacrificing our ideals in the process.

We recognize that finding the perfect work/home balance can be a challenge. We want you to succeed at both. By becoming an independent consultant through Maple Organics, we mothers have the opportunity to prioritize our bonding time with our children while continuing to build our professional resumes through a business that was built on supporting the very values we hold most dear; sustainability, social responsibility, systematic health and a devotion to family.

Maple Organics consultants are given the tools they need to become successful business women. Whether you are seeking out opportunities to earn a little extra income as a stay at home mom or are looking to replace your current 9 to 5 with a career that offers greater flexibility, Maple Organics is looking to support you in your decision.  Maple Organics is the first company to be approved as an organic pharmaceuticals brand by Health Canada. We meet the rigorous standards of sourcing 100% Certified Organic ingredients for all of our products. Our consultants receive unprecedented compensation for their sales work along with access to a network of other women who share a common focus: creating a better future for all.  For more information on our products and how we can support you on your journey as a Maple Organics consultant, please visit our website: www.MapleOrganics.com.